Through the story of Katja and Marko, you can experience the magic of an enchanting Dubrovnik wedding at the Hotel Excelsior.

Dubrovnik, Croatia's Adriatic Sea treasure, is enthralling for couples seeking a fairy tale wedding. We had the privilege of photographing Katja and Marko's traditional Croatian wedding, where they celebrated their love amidst the rich history and stunning beauty of Dubrovnik. Join us as we tell their heartfelt narrative, which will inspire you to arrange your own perfect wedding in this lovely city and at the sumptuous Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik.

Katja started her day by waiting at her family's house, surrounded by loved ones who shared her happiness. Marko came as the excitement grew, and the couple shared their first look in front of family and friends, officially commencing their wedding adventure.

Katja and Marko married in the old Church of St. Ignatius in front of their loved ones. Because of the spiritual setting and the couple's true vows to each other, everyone there had a spectacular and emotional experience.

Following the wedding, the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed a stroll through the Old Town of Dubrovnik. They sang and celebrated their love as they made their way to the iconic Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik for the reception.

As the sun set behind the walls of Dubrovnik's Old Town, Katja and Marko had their first dance on the magnificent Palm Terrace of Hotel Excelsior. This picture-perfect moment, surrounded by the beauty of their wedding venue, demonstrated their enduring love.

Friends and family danced and celebrated with Katja and Marko late into the night at their Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik wedding. Our photos captured the cheerful mood and sensitive moments of their wedding day, preserving the enchantment of their special day.

Katja and Marko's traditional Croatian wedding in Dubrovnik highlights the city's allure as well as the beauty of the Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik as the ideal location for a romantic event. Allow us to capture the essence of your dream wedding in this enchanting location by portraying your love story in an intimate and emotional manner. Trust us to capture your Dubrovnik wedding and create images that you will treasure for a lifetime.